How do we understand and know God better? One of the best ways we can accomplish in deepening our relationship with God, is through the Bible. We look carefully and examine what is written on the Bible in a way that the words communicates to you and all mankind. There are 3 simple steps, which I learn from a church in Hollywood, in reading and understanding the Word of God.

1.) Observation is the first step and probably the most crucial of all steps in studying the Bible. When you study the Bible, you need to carefully examine what is written and how it is conveyed. This means we need to look at the words and terms used because these are the ones that gives meaning and life to the Bible. We should also note the emphasis that is put into that verse in order to reveal the importance of that topic.

2.) Interpretation is the next step in studying the Bible. Interpretation means finding hidden meaning of the passage. This step tells us what the author wants to convey to the readers. Or what message he/she is trying to deliver.

3.) Application is the last and most important step of all. This is the main reason why we study our Bible. Without application, nothing changes. We can read the Bible many times and not learn from it. But it is when we apply the things we have read from the Bible to our daily lives that we can change and learn. This is merely putting into action what God wants us to do, He wants us to follow His teachings and spreading the love of God to all mankind.

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